Once a month, forget everything for 3 hours! Forget the job, the kids, stocks, bonds, and cooking dinner…

Working Woman Escape Ritual.
Working Woman Escape Ritual.
Item# WWEP

Product Description

Join a magical atmosphere…with candlelight, relaxing music, sensuous fragrances, luxury, calmness, and warmth. Put on a cloudy soft robe and relax your shoulders with a hot aromatic neck pillow while drinking fragrant chamomile tea. The ritual starts with a gentle body polishing leaving your skin soft and revitalized. Then slip into a heated Cleopatra milk bath with soothing light therapy. It is a ritual of health through water with intense hydro massage aimed to relax your aching back muscles. The underwater massage performed by our skillful therapists will address every toe, foot, leg and hand with the pressure of water. Wait… if you are still not unwound, a hot stone body massage follows, specifically created to energize your body. While massages will address your body, your senses are gently awakened at the end with a 1 hour Plant Steam facial with a soft compression as the relaxing finale.