The Princess Bride and Her Beauty

Wedding Program
Wedding Program
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The Princess Bride and Her Beauty You could spend a fortune on bridal beautificationÖor not. No matter your bank account, we guarantee youíll be a goddess.


 Consultation with the bride six weeks prior to the wedding to determine her beauty needs and set a schedule based on upcoming showers, parties and rehearsal events.

 Consultation and trial hairdo with veil.

 Four facials with eyebrow waxing, six body treatments, three manicures, three pedicures, unlimited use of steam cabinet for the bride.

 A facial, body treatment, French manicure and pedicure service for the mother of the bride.

 A bridesmaidís party with champagne and hors díoeuvres, including manicures and pedicures for four.

 Hairstyle or an up do on the wedding day.


Cryogenic Mask (Cryogenic Menís Facial) $ 95.00

Menís Chocolate Mint Body Buff $ 95.00


French Soft & Silk Salt Glow $ 95.00

Ginseng & Pearl Hydrating Mask $ 95.00


Chocolate Raspberry Body Scrub $ 95.00

Indian Sunset Body Wrap $ 115.00

Peppermint Pedicure $ 58.00


Start getting regular trims and salon conditioning treatments six months before the wedding. Next, think about your wedding-day style. Bring your veil or headpiece, so we can determine the right look for you. We can put your hair up or down. Hairís not long or full enough? Go for individual extensions.

 Six monthly Rene Further salon conditioning treatments ( $65.00 each ) $390.00

 Hair trial with veil or headpiece $65.00

 On side stylist $1000.00

 Six hair trims or haircuts ( $65.00 each) $390.00

 Hair style or an up do on the wedding day $65.00


While itís a safe bet you already have a hair stylist, you probably donít have a makeup artist to call upon. You need to find someone with the sensibility to target what you are after. Our makeup artist was chosen by Allure magazine as one of the best in the country. Schedule her to powder you to perfection on the wedding day.

 Consultation and makeup application on the wedding day $100.00

 On-side makeup artist $950.00


With the right treatment, dull, tired-looking, or large pored skin can be bright, glowing, and lustrous. A series of six to ten microdermabrasion treatments or crystal clear facials rid skin of poreĖclogging debris and help even out skin tone. Sensitive, fragile skin benefits from photo visage, four layer facials, ultrasonic, or deírouge facials. Call for a free consultation.

 Microdermabrasion treatments $150.00 Special-series of six $750.00

 Ten light therapy facials $1000.00

 Ultrasonic visage for rosacea $125.00 Special-series of six $630.00

 Crystal Clear facial $90.00 Special-series of six $450.00


It begins the day you get the ring. Start paying extra attention to the hands and nails. Get on a good regimen with weekly spa manicures and go beyond the basics to include paraffin treatments with hand massages. Treat your toes to aromatherapy pedicures every three weeks.

 Weekly spa manicures with paraffin $31.00 each for 12 weeks $372.00

 Weekly regular manicures $21.00 each for seven weeks $147.00

 Aromatherapy pedicures $48.00 each. For three pedicures $144.00.


Salon waxing is a tried and true option to shaving. Start waxing about four months beforehand to get used to the process. Schedule your final appointment about two days before the wedding, and be hair free through the honeymoon. And what better time to give the infamous Brazilian bikini wax a try; itíll accommodate even the skimpiest honeymoon lingerie.

 Bikini wax $30.00

 Brazilian bikini wax $50.00

 Underarm wax $25.00

 Full leg wax with bikini $75.00


Even brides with very modest budgets will indulge in massages as a pre-wedding reward and de-stressor. Body treatments create silky soft skin.

 One hour relaxation massage $78.00 Special-series of six $450

 One hour deep tissue massage $88.00

 One hour honey and lemon massage $95.00

 Chocolate mint body treatment $95.00

Look Fantastic! Feel Terrific!

Look Fantastic! Feel Terrific!