Item# EYES

Product Description

New package 20ml bottle.

EYESENTIAL Under Eye Enhancer erase lines and puffiness by up to 99%.

Eyesential under eye enhancer is a rejuvenating cosmetic quick fix which temporarily erases puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles non-surgically in minutes. Used by Hollywood stars as well as Hollywood make-up artists for over 30 years as a 'secret trick of the trade' to give stars an instant eye lift, the product has been developed for home use and is now available world wide.

Applied before make-up, Eyesential works by forming an extremely fine and invisible film under the eye, viewed under a microscope you would see it looks like a very delicate spider's web which acts as a sort of veil under the skin.

Eyesential does not penetrate the skin, and although you do feel a firming sensation as the lotion dries, it doesn't actually have any physical or pulling effects.

Eyesential is not a permanent solution to the signs of ageing, but it does provide a quick non-surgical solution relatively cheaply when compared with plastic surgery.

A dermatologically tried and tested formula. Eyesential is designed to provide a quick and temporary fix to the area around the eye... not a permanent repair so it is actually classified as non-colour cosmetic rather that a treatment.


ROSALGIN soothing cream
Recommended for daily care of all skin types with acne rosacea. Apply twice a day. The chief active ingredients in Pharmaceris R are: Octopirox® (Pyracetone olamine), which combats dandruff (until recently applied exclusively on skin covered by hair) and whose properties combat microorganisms to redress the microflora balance of the epidermis. It prevents the recurrence of complaints. Vitamin K, which reduces erythema and hyperaemia of the epidermis, seals blood vessels and prevents their rupture (angiorrhexis). Macrocystis pyrifera algae extract to reduce reddening and swelling D-pantenol, with a strong healing action on various kinds of sin damage and stimulating cell growth and regeneration Allantoin to soothe skin irritations. Retinol, which acts as a gentle exfoliant and improves cell structure Soya proteins to accelerate the healing of pimples and prevent their formation